all concerts in CAMP CONCERT HALL (click for map and photo)

FRIDAY-SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7-8 [ERIK DELUCA : TWENTY VOICES]                                    

Installation (Booker Lounge)
Califone tape decks, 20 cassette loops

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2:30PM [CONCERT ONE: THOSE WE HOLD DEAR]                                    

performed by eighth blackbird, Jane Rigler, Joo Won Park and Matt Grey

Matthew McCabe 14 years
Heather Stebbins minim
Joo Won Park Receding Hairline
Andrew Smith Sustaining the Silence
Cory Kaspryzk Chugach
Eric Lyon Spaced Images with Noise and Lines
Benjamin Broening Twilight Shift

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 7:30PM [CONCERT TWO: ALL THE PRETTY BIRDS: EIGHTH BLACKBIRD]                                    

performed by eighth blackbird and Jane Rigler

Christopher Chandler Smoke and Mirrors
Jacob TV Tatatata
Maurice Wright Soliloquies; echoes
Eve Beglarian Well-Spent
Jane Rigler two seaming
Kyong Mee Choi Tender Spirit I

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2:30 PM [CONCERT THREE: ALL AND SUNDRY]                                    

performed by Duo Klang, Sarah Plum, Jane Rigler, Adam Vidiksis, Christopher Trapani and Mark Snyder and friends

Tom Flaherty Airdancing
Jeff Herriot after time: a resolution
Adam Vidiksis Mitochondrial Dreams
Thomas Ciufo Ujjayi
Mark Snyder The Invalid's Sonnet and Nostalgia
Christopher Trapani Really Coming Down


performed by duo klang, Yihan Chen, Marianne Gythfeldt, Sarah Plum, Jane Rigler

Nina Young Kolokol
Mikel Kuehn Rite of Passage
Charles Nichols Il Preto Rosso
Jane Rigler The Calling
Elizabeth Hoffman frôTH
Eric Moe The Sun Beats the Mountain Like a Drum